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Aileen Nealie is an intuitive frequency mediator, licensed psychotherapist, award-winning therapist, published author, and sought-after public speaker in both English and Spanish-speaking settings. Recently named one of the top ten therapists in Los Angeles, Ms. Nealie has addressed audiences as a presenter at the LA Conscious Expo and as a guest on various podcasts and television programs with global reach. 

Ms. Nealie is recognized for her thought leadership in energy healing. Highly intuitive, she comes from a family lineage of healers and is a practitioner of cosmoenergy—a uniquely holistic healing modality for aligning you to the frequency of your greatest truth. In her work as a holistic psychotherapist, she leads All Things Holistic in Thousand Oaks, CA. She is also a published author on the topic of life Visualization with her book, Visualize Yourself: Designing the Outcome of Your Life: One Issue at a Time.

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Aileen’s Signature Speaking Topics

In today’s world, we all have very different truths that guide the way we lead our lives. Yet, sometimes, we may align with a truth that may not be in service to our greatest good. In this presentation, Aileen will walk you through the steps necessary to uncover the greatest truth aligned to your highest self–allowing you to ultimately have a say in the destiny of your life.

The steps include the following:
  1. Identifying the truth you’ve been opting into, and examining whether it’s been serving or hindering you.
  2. Exploring the source of this false truth–whether it be emotional, logical, or past trauma or experiences.
  3. Uncovering your greatest truth, and helping you align with it through the powerful vibrational tuning of cosmoenergy. This energy work will mediate your frequency to bring you clarity and direction for defining your most aligned path.
  4. Following our healing work, participants then preserve their greatest truth by learning how to remain in their own high-vibrational state.

Aileen is a versatile & storied public speaker

Depending on the event and audience, Aileen’s presentation can then delve into forming truths across the various avenues of our lives, such as:

Health & Wellness

Health challenges are typically the result of trauma we’ve experienced in not being able to articulate our needs or have them met. From that moment in time, all fears and pain can be stored in the body without expression–leading to health issues down the line. In this presentation, Aileen will equip audiences with a tangible toolkit for managing these traumas–facing them fearlessly into their ultimate release and healing.

Relationship Harmony

The moment you are born, you are innately given a role to fulfill within the context of your family and household dynamic. Seldomly do we revisit that role once we move out into the world, making it so that we carry it into new relationship scenarios without ever checking to see if it’s truly aligned to who we are and who we want to be. In this keynote, Aileen prompts audiences to explore the role that they may have passively adopted, while presenting a roadmap to evolve their relationship identity in line with their true selves.

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Soul Clarity & Purpose

From the beginning of our lives, we inherit a core set of beliefs around who we are–setting the course for the direction of the rest of our lives. Yet, a new realm of possibility opens up the moment we decide to critically examine whether these beliefs are truly serving us. In this presentation, Aileen presents the prospect that we can choose which beliefs we align to–while dismantling all of the mistaken beliefs that limit us, while helping us trust and expand our own intuitive compass.

Career Path Clarity
and Motivation

"“The Final Push”

Aileen feels that most people understand and know what skills and gifts they possess. What differentiates those who are successful from those who are not, is what she calls: “the final push.” This workshop promises to enlighten, empower and motivate you to fully embrace your gifts and take the last step into your best career path.

Re-Discovering Your Greatest Dream

The word “dream” can feel lofty and out-of-reach for many of us in our adult lives, but rarely do we question why this is the case. As children, we all had dreams of what could be. In this presentation, Aileen encourages audiences to re-discover the dreams that they may have forgotten by way of responsibility and “real life,” inviting them to explore what may be blocking them from believing in their aspirations again. She will lead them through a series of Visualizations to attune to their greatest dreams–putting their manifestation within reach once more.

Energy Management
for Empaths

For many empaths, it can be a challenge to navigate life without being influenced by others’ energy. In this presentation, Aileen provides empaths with a path to protect their energetic boundaries, so that they are not overly vulnerable to taking on the energy of their surroundings. This keynote will leave empaths feeling uplifted and empowered in their energetic self-preservation–helping them move forward in resilience as their highest selves.

What to Expect with Aileen’s Speaking

With Aileen’s presentations, audiences will feel enlivened, energized, and catalyzed in the direction of their greatest truths. Aileen is distinctive for her simplification of key healing concepts into tangible, actionable roadmaps for driving improvements in our day-to-day lives.

As a passionate storyteller, Aileen takes audiences on a journey that orients them toward both inspiration and action, enabled through examples of how others have created transformation in their lives through energetic healing work. For every presentation, Aileen’s goal is to help audiences realize that anything is possible when they decide to align with their greatest truth.

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Aileen also co-creates keynote presentations to align with different events’ unique core themes.

March 18. 2024

Other topics she can speak to include careers & professional development, prosperity & abundance, and intuitive development.