Heal Yourself with Cosmoenergy

You no longer need to be a professional healer to help yourself. Introducing Cosmoenergy for everyone.

When we feel less than ideal, the first step we tend to take is to find help. While this is a good practice, many times we find ourselves stuck in a loop of dead ends. If you are searching for a cure to your ailments, you may be going from doctor to doctor and still can’t seem to improve.

If it is a matter of finances, you may be endlessly looking for better-paying jobs or trying to move to more economical areas, in order to stretch your dollar or have more to buy the things you need and want.

And let’s not forget about romance and relationships. If there is instability and chaos within your relationships, or you feel alone and unable to find companionship, you may also be endlessly searching for the right matchmaker, the right psychotherapist, or even the right psychic.

What if I told you that, if you were cleansed energetically, you could get initiated into one or two healing channels that are specific to your issue, so that you can help yourself?

I am so excited to offer this opportunity to you! This will be simple and quick and you can move past some of the most troublesome obstacles you have lived through without having to rely on others as much.

Yes, we will always need a doctor from time to time. Yes, we will always need to work to make money. Yes, we will always gain tremendous growth from difficult relationships and going to therapy is a must for our evolution. But, you can take charge of yourself and feel in control of your life in every way by having access to channels of energy that can set you free from your obstacles.

Aileen Nealie in white dress meditating

Initiations & Coaching

I am honored to work with those who are called to work as cosmoenergy healers. The journey will test you, and if you pass these tests, you will be able to share this gift with others.

Some individuals choose to initiate into Cosmoenergy channels simply to help themselves. Not everyone is interested in working as a healer for others. However, as a progressor, I will only initiate individuals who I instinctively feel are the right candidates to carry these channels.

As I see it, a tremendous responsibility comes with having access to these healing channels. This is the reason why I provide coaching in conjunction with the initiations, as there is much to learn before and after initiations.

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Metal singing bowl for relaxing and receiving healing vibrations
Aileen Nealie in white dress meditating

How Initiation Works

Basic – Single Frequency Initiations

The initiation process begins with an energetically cleansing cosmoenergy session, which will determine your candidacy to be initiated into the channels associated with your needs. From there, you will take a brief introductory class to Cosmoenergy, and we will hold a 90-minute, 1:1 session where you will be initiated into the two channels needed plus the main channel for access. Lastly, you will then learn how to use the frequencies on yourself and develop their strength.

This work can be done in-person and over Zoom. Clients set up coaching sessions as needed, but most people may just need reminders about the process at the beginning stages and then they are good to go.

Advanced – Block Initiations

The 5 Initiation Blocks

There are 5 blocks in which a person can get initiated, which comprise the classical blocks of cosmoenergy:

  • The Buddhist Block – clearing illness
  • The Magical Block – influencing change
  • The Fourth Block – bringing a higher level of change
  • Zorostrianism – Egregors – Divine Entities
  • The Magister Block – Superior Magic

Each block contains 20-36 channels. Initiations are only given one block at a time, as the person being initiated needs a specific time frame to work with each channel to be able to master it. Initiations will usually take place in groups and will be divided into 2 to 3 full days of training. If you are interested and serious about this commitment, please contact me to further discuss.

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Initiation Packages Available Today

Initiation Group Seminar: Heal Yourself with Cosmoenergy

Receive the most powerful frequencies for YOU to change and have control over all aspects in your life. This group seminar involves a energy healing session to prepare you to receive the frequencies you choose. You will then learn how to open these frequencies on yourself and work with them for life. This special group price also includes a complementary 30-minute coaching session.


Energy Purification

Determine your candidacy to initiate with Aileen. Held in-person or through Skype/Zoom.


Class: Introduction to Cosmoenergy

Held in-person or through Skype/Zoom.


Individual Initiation

Individual initiation into 3 channels, teaching and practice with 2 coaching sessions of 30 minutes each.