About Aileen Nealie

Intuitive Frequency Mediator, LMFT, DCEP

Ms. Nealie became a licensed psychotherapist in 2003 and quickly opened her private practice in Newport Beach, CA. On her quest to a more holistic approach, she became a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP) in 2008, awarded by ACEP (www.EnergyPsych.org). From 2010-11, she hosted a radio talk show with Voice America called Holistic Answers to Mental Health, which quickly became part of the top 4 most listened to talk shows. Most recently, she has restarted Holistic Answers to Mental Health, now through YouTube.

Having been highly intuitive since childhood, Aileen Nealie comes from a family lineage of healers. After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, her continued holistic journey had her encounter an unknown energy healing method in the US called cosmoenergy. She tried it for herself and felt an unexplainable shift in her energy, and she realized that working with this method was her destiny. She was fortunate to work with two of the most powerful teachers and progressors: Dmitrii Voevodin, founder and director of the International School Kosmoenergetiki, and Igor Andreev, Head of the School of Cosmoenergetics. She now has access to over 300 healing frequencies and provides services in both English and Spanish, through video, through photograph or in person. Ms. Nealie also works with those who aspire to become practitioners and coaches and initiates them onto these healing frequencies.

Her established Center for Tranquility and Restoration in the city of Santa Clarita, ran from 2010-2022. In 2019 Aileen was named as one of Los Angeles’ Top 10 therapists. Since 2023 her practice relocated and All Things Holistic is now in Thousand Oaks, CA. She has been a presenter at the LA Conscious Expo and has also served as a guest on various podcasts, on Mindalia TV from Spain and on Rompiendo el Silencio Los Angeles TV Vision Latina. She is a published author on the topic of visualization with her book, Visualize Yourself: Designing the Outcome of Your Life: One Issue at a Time.

All of these methods are offered through her holistic psychotherapy practice.

"I’m thrilled and humbled that your healing journey has led you to this point. Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding services, products, or any other questions that you might have, and welcome!"

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My Vision and Mission

My vision is for a world in which everyone is granted the knowledge and healing to vibrate at their ideal frequency—a world in which everyone respects and honors each other’s truths in harmonious coexistence.

To fulfill this, my mission and life’s work is to help you fine-tune your vibration to the frequency of your greatest truth and vision for success. I am driven by the belief that the more that people can heal their past, calibrate their vibration, and ascend into new frequencies as the best versions of themselves, the more that our collective consciousness is elevated.

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No Challenge is Too Great

There is always a path forward. For every problem that exists, there are endless possibilities to explore.

Change Begins with Clarity

Clarity and loving acceptance into our true selves must precede change and transformation in our lives.

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Your Dream is Your Truth

Your vision for success is the roadmap to your highest and most actualized potential.

Intuitive Guidance is Within Reach

Everyone is intuitive—each of us has our own internal guidance system that can help steer our course if we are willing to tune in to it.

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