Energy Healing

Cosmoenergy is a healing approach that liberates people from everything that keeps them from their truest selves and most aligned lives.

With the removal of your limiting patterns, your energetic integrity can be restored and strengthened to calibrate your frequency—allowing you to vibrate at the level required to attain the dreams you may once have considered out-of-reach.

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Aileen’s Approach to Energy Healing

Though results are reliant on each client’s intention, the most common output of a Energy Healing session is a heightened sense of awareness, clarity, and agency over one’s life.

This can take the form of connecting back to your life’s calling. It could be feeling a deeper connection to your intuition—allowing you to more easily discern whether a choice is truly aligned for you. Clients often feel more confident and empowered to move in the direction their highest selves are pointing them toward. They feel activated toward possibility and clear on what they’re meant to be doing.

Aileen’s approach to Energy Healing includes four steps:
  • Identifying what keeps you vibrating at the wrong frequency.
  • Healing the issues through frequencies that operate as vibrational medicine.
  • Helping you tune into your ideal frequency, and providing you with clarity and direction derived from the frequencies’ intuitive messages.
  • Guiding you on how you can best preserve the frequency moving forward.

How is Cosmoenergy Different From Other Healing Modalities, Like Reiki?

In contrast with reiki’s emphasis on the body, Cosmoenergy is an all-encompassing, ethereal method of healing the past, eliminating blockages of the present, and fine-tuning vibrations for ideal frequencies into the future.

"Regardless of whether clients describe their experience as alchemy, awakening, restoration, or calibration, my intent is for every Cosmoenergy experience to uncover a new, uninhibited path forward for each client’s unique success—no matter the form." - Aileen Nealie Intuitive Frequency Mediator, LMFT, DCEP

Ready to Reserve Your Healing Session?

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45-Minute Cosmoenergy Session for Energy Balancing

Ideal as a quarterly check-in. Held in-person or through Skype/Zoom.

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90-Minute Cosmoenergy Session (with further insight)

Optimal for those who need more time to process. Held in-person or through Skype/Zoom.

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60-Minute Cosmoenergy Session

Held in-person or through Skype/Zoom.

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Space Clearing -
Home, Land or Office.

This can be done in person or through photographs.

Prices and time spent vary.
Please call our office to learn more.