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Workshop: Align with the Frequency of Your Greatest Truth

A 6-Hour Workshop to Align with Your Greatest Truth & Design Your Destiny

In today’s world, we all have very different truths that guide the way we lead our lives. Yet, sometimes, we may align with a truth that may not be in service to our greatest good.

In this workshop, we will be uncovering the greatest truth aligned to your highest self, and allowing you to ultimately have a say in the destiny of your life.

Our healing work will involve four core stages:

  1. Identifying the truth you’ve been opting into, and examining whether it’s been serving or hindering you.
  2. Exploring the source of this false truth–whether it be emotional, logical, or past trauma or experiences.
  3. Uncovering your greatest truth, and helping you align with it through the powerful vibrational tuning of cosmoenergy. This energy work will mediate your frequency to bring you clarity and direction for defining your most aligned path.
  4. Following our healing work, participants then preserve their greatest truth by learning how to remain in their own high-vibrational state.

*Note: There is no limit on the truths that we examine in this workshop. Whether it be in terms of health and wellness, relationships, prosperity, or life purpose, our healing work will free you from all that inhibits you from your greatest desires.

Optional Addition: Frequency Initiation

Interested participants are also given the option to extend their workshop into a secondary afternoon session, which is focused on preserving their truth by initiating into the selected frequencies on their own, for the purposes of their own knowing and intuition.

Coming Soon In November to Orange County
- Spanish Speaking Only

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Morning: Healing (4 Hours)
Lunch: (1 hour) on your own)
Afternoon: Frequency Initiation (2 Hours)

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